God willing….

Well,  this past weekI have been asked to speak at 3 different places at various points in the coming weeks and months. Each invitation has been couched in the same terms: “Even if you only speak for 10 or 20 minutes and even if at the last moment you can’t come because of your health, that is fine.” Well, that suits me and not just because of health issues. It sounds like these places are open to God. If I turn up, praise God. If I don’t, praise God anyway! If I can preach a sermon of my usual length, praise God! If I have to stop after 10 minutes, praise God (perhaps even with added thankfulness all round)! I sort of like that.

…and something else is on my mind leading on from that. When I was a young Christian, I used to hear the old saints of God saying after announcing something they were planning to do, “God Willing.” That seems to have gone out of fashion a bit now and yet the Word of God says that is what we should say when we are talking about our plans. I suppose it is about humility, which is maybe out of fashion nowadays as well, even in the church. Time to forget about spiritual fashion and  agree with the timeless Word of God? Yes! Why not slip the concept of the will of God into conversation this week, whether you are speaking to a believer or a non believer? “If the Lord wills..” It might break an awful spirit of presumption that seems to abound in the plan-making of Christians and it might help a non-believer begin to think that there is a God whom they are perhaps ignoring, to whose will  they are giving no meaningful place in their lives.

God bless


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3 comments on “God willing….

  1. George Wilson says:

    Amen and Hallelujah, what a personal guilt washing reality.

    We may have an interest and full intention of doing our bit on that day of days, but God may have something else in mind, whether it be our personal health, traffic problems, financial problems or even God saying just as you are about to get in the car; on the plane; into the train – Kenny I don’t want you to do this!

    I do not intend this as a personal word for you Kenny; it could have been anybody’s name!

    The main thing is would we obey and just close the car door; say to the airport people that you no longer desire to travel and find out how/when you might get any luggage returned that may have been put in the aeroplane hold and perhaps tear up your train tickets, unless there is someone else to give them to!

    I would be personally interested to hear of anybody who has experienced this!
    I know I haven’t – YET!



  2. Paul Hayes says:

    Dear Kenny

    Still keep using mostly ‘God willing’, or sometimes ‘The Lord willing’ in plans, hardly ever DV except when it seems better.

    Conscious that it is perceived for what it is and mostly by now knowing that the recipients know and accept me or that it puts down a gentle marker for new friends and acquaintances.

    Agree whole heartedly that it would be good to have more acknowledgement.

    Love, Paul


  3. Good word. Thank you for reminding us.


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