Speaking as I see it from within the Charismatic fold which I am experientially, existentially and biblically committed to…

  1. The year of the beginning of the exposing of red herrings being presented as exaggerated hopes: a dent in cult like belief in their truth, wherever there is a new humility, honouring of the Word of God and the fear of the Lord, daring to speak and raise its small voice against a powerful, roaring, noisy and popular flood. Here are some of the half truths that promise much if we embrace them but which are indeed only half truths – and therefore hold no salvation – rather than being the key to restored fortunes for the spiritual fortunes of the church in Scotland and beyond :

…Relationship not religion…

…The importance of APEST…

…Israel right or wrong…

…The exaggeration of the importance of online church…

… the infusion of the prophetic with worldly values of political programme and power…

… the prophesying of wealth and property and prosperity being given over to the people of God…

… the proclamation of living in our dreams/ Disney fantasy rather than living in the realities of daily struggle with godly desires which are always granted…

… we are all princes and princesses that the world has not treated properly otherwise our lives would be different from their current state… the curse of the X Factor deluded holding back a generation or two from their life in God…

… the cynicism against the importance of physical buildings and what happens in them and from them as “the house of God” understood in worshipful, experiential and missional terms…

… the raising of the pronouncements of leaders of prophetic and intercessory ministry above the Word of God…

… the prophesying of a new reformation which rubbishes godly humble walking today in integrity in what has been inherited from God fearing people over many generations…

…mystical experiences/throne room experiences as being a basis of teaching the church rather than Scripture…

… the denouncing of tradition as the enemy of God’s Spirit in favour of the new legalism and religion of apparent freedom in the Spirit, which is not that …

If we can escape from these surface miss-presentations of the golden thread of the purposes of God being fulfilled in and though the church in all its generations with all its imperfections , this can be a a year of genuine, glorious, God-fearing and godly hope, a year of moving forward. If not, then another year of going round irrelevant roundabouts awaits us.

Less shouting, declaring greeted with applause… more humility and confession of our lack of the obvious blessing of God will take us far. I am not sure the times are favourable for such a word. Empire building ( drawing others to us and our programme) is still believing in its own particular rise, it’s own vision and values and programme of colonisation, its power to transform the spiritual fortunes of Scotland.

Within the charismatic fold I have a declining voice, considered by many passé. Such is the inevitability of time and I have no quarrel with it and indeed see it as right and proper. Is there no younger leader out there with the necessary swipe and reach and relationally given authority to call for a repentance from a proud competitiveness to hearing the Word of the Lord and call us all to humble ourselves before one another and before God who is withholding his blessing in greater measure from all our works and ventures? I personally think it is clear that the Lord in our day has a controversy with his people… but I am not without hope….

I am at the stage of life where my vision is beyond my life’s strength and breath. Is there no prophet out there who can call like a trumpet to God’s people rather than rally folk to their own smaller cause? Oh how I love playing second fiddle in my current state. There is a lot to commend it, but we need those who can gather all the various themes of the piece together into a glorious cry to our God and His Christ. Unto Him shall the gathering of the people be!

God bless


3 comments on “2022?

  1. Dinah Rogers says:

    The more I read this, the more I see it and understand. You have put into words things that have niggled but did not really know why. Thank you.


  2. Annette says:

    Many of us have been proclaiming these same principles/points and like you Kenny getting negative and positive responses.
    Alan Hirsch books are excellent for the balance of Jewish/Christian understanding.

    We pray everyday for all that is happening especially in the Church – we know God is answering our prayers – Paul was right….his fear was that people would be seduced away from the simple truth of the Gospel by things that tickle their ears.
    Would leave the One true Love and follow other ‘loves’.
    And everything you have written here is TRUE?

    I/we just get on with Mentoring/Discipling – Encouraging and enabling people – bringing HEALING.
    Teaching the Gospel truth and leading people to See what the Holy Spirit is saying to them to take responsibility for their own lives to dig deep into scripture and also to understand experientially as well as academically (good cause for that is the word God keeps speaking to me “My people perish from lack of knowledge” ) unless people are informed how will they understand? “.
    The Steps to Freedom In Christ” is the ministry part of it when people deal with their issues with God and with each other.
    They learn to take hold of real forgiveness for themselves – and MOST important their forgiveness of others.
    They then realise it is they who have been in bondage ……its what they have been locked into…. Truth reveals – faith opens the door for healing – The Virtue of Christ pours through into – not only the soul – but the body too.
    The trauma of years of unforgiveness has resided in their bodies. I have seen so much of this.
    Science is just catching up with the Bible in the areas of the mind – this is where the battle is won and we must renew our minds in the Living Word of God.
    Dr Caroline Leaf’s book ‘ Switch on your brain’ is a good book for all Clergy Pastors in fact all APEST leaders to read.
    I recommend it to all the Leaders I minister to, because Caroline as. Christian understands the workings of God as well as neurology.
    Much love in Him


  3. Angela says:

    May the Lord raise up people of string rooted Biblical faith to fight the terrible tide of what is opposite.
    I never saw this blog post till now, Kenny. God bless and keep you strong in Him.


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