And now for something COMPLETELY different…


Found myself quite fascinated by this clip. Just happened to stumble upon it. Can’t remember what on earth I was looking for in the first place. It is long but watch it for about five minutes at least. It is a good reminder that true interpretation is not as easy as one might think. It involves reverence for the original writer/composer, taking time to learn, to study and ultimately also involves intelligent and feeling steps of faith. It involves data and spirit and indeed Spirit. True with regard to music as Leonard Bernstein (most popularly famous for “West Side Story” and a true genius in my estimation, possessed wth the arrogance that sometimes goes with it) demonstrates here with breathtaking brilliance while speaking about the composer Bach and his works. Strikes me though, this would be a good five minutes for every preacher or bible student to watch. There are lessons here that are transferrable to interpretation of Scripture… anyway, this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I realise that it may bore some of you to tears within seconds… but here it is anyway. Look at it for the above reason… and you may go on and enjoy it for many more reasons!

Well, I said it was a bit different. Did you know I am eccentric?

God bless