Memories awakened…

Loved hearing Kenny Gillies, the recently arrived new pastor of Livingston Elim Church share a wee bit of his testimony when I was preaching in his church last Sunday morning. In a Church of Scotland in Applecross he found himself stumbling to the front of the church to receive communion. He commented that it was a bare whitewashed church building.No music being played. No texts on the wall. Nothing. But the minister there, Kenny Macdonald (Kenny Bahn) had been converted in the Lewis Revival. The presence of God was there. That day in Applecross, Kenny Gillies felt a hand on his head and was electrified with the presence of God from head to toe. He had a vision of angels dancing as they shouted “Kenny is saved!”

When will we realise all that is necessary is the manifest effectual presence of God and mourn its loss and seek His presence alone?

Leonard Ravenhill once asked why we do not have revival. His reply? “Because we are prepared to live without it.”

I met Kenny Bahn in a few occasions. He somehow managed to carry a full to overflowing cup of impact of the Lord’s heart rending, beautiful presence right into his latter years. Meeting him left me with no option or desire than to seek the face of God for myself. Others born from above in the fire of the same Revival have had the same effect on me…when in their presence I have found myself several times in bits even though they never spoke a word or spoke in Gaelic which I cannot make head nor tail of….

God bless