Apparently the pigments that come into view at this time of the year are always there. It is just they are masked as chlorophyll does its work in its season. You probably knew that!

There is more to the glories of Christ in you than the continually changing seasons of life may have as yet revealed to you and through you! May you and I continually see more of Him and be blessed to be a blessing in each new discovery…

Hope this blesses you!


Answers on a Postcard to …?

I am a “Charismatic” by biblical conviction and experience. I am also a Scot. I am meant to look and sound like a redeemed and baptised in the Holy Spirit Scot!

In an address to the House of Commons at some point in the 1920’s or 30’s the author John Buchan ( “The Thirty Nine Steps” etc.), who was an MP and became Governor General of Canada said this:

In language, literature and art we are losing our idiom, and it seems to many that we are in danger very soon of reaching the point where Scotland will have nothing distinctive to show to the world.

I read that yesterday in the introduction to a book of Buchan’s short stories. I couldn’t help but relate it with a measure of sadness to the state of things charismatic in Scotland.

Undoubtedly our culture has its blind spots and there are things to learn from those who know Jesus Christ from cultures very distinctly different from our own, but…but what distinctive offering do Scottish Charismatics have to offer to the Charismatic scene? Is there nothing more to God’s purpose for us than that we repent of being Scottish and accept franchised and well marketed versions of the Charismatic life from beyond our borders and shores, which though usually offered in humility and with sincerity of motive, often seem unintentionally to ride roughshod over God intended and God glorifying national and/or regional cultural diversity?

Leaving aside regional variations, what is our distinctive national spiritual “idiom” as Scottish Charismatics?  I am not sure that I know or can put it into words. Perhaps it is better “felt than telt”?

Answers on a postcard to…

God bless



The truth of God as “I Am” includes the idea that God is present active reality. God is known by what He does. He is not merely ambience or atmosphere. The bush burns and we do not go limp or tearful or sentimental in its warmth. We turn aside to investigate an observable event and discover with trembling fear and shock the God who is present active reality working out His purpose even suspending the natural order of things to do so. The action of God is the sign He is truly present. Let’s seek that and not be content with ambience. Churches that believe themselves to be alive are most in danger of settling for the god called ambience. There is understandably a market for a regular feel good moment.

God bless