This I really like…

When someone has been used by God powerfully it can sound patronising in the extreme to say ” I don’t agree with his theology.”

Nonetheless, there are aspects of Charles Finney’s theology I struggle with, and feel for the sake of personal honesty I need to say that, despite him having been used in Revival in a mighty way whereas I have never been, nor have I yet seen its full flow.

However, without reserve I acknowledge the amazing fruitfulness of Finney’s ministry and humble myself before the memory and the ministry of a mighty servant of the Lord.

All of which is leading me to the point of sharing these words from his writings:

A revival is nothing else than a new beginning of obedience to God. Just as in the case of a converted sinner, the first step is a deep repentance, a breaking down of heart, a getting down into the dust before God, with deep humility, and forsaking of sin.”

Now, I really love that .. and pray for such a day. I begin by praying for such a revival in me.

God bless


2 comments on “This I really like…

  1. Angela says:

    It hurts to let the Lord show us our shortcomings, weaknesses and sins… but it takes courage too. We cannot repent and experience revival in our own hearts if we avoid truth lighting up the dark places we have refused to admit and pushed away from conscious examination.
    Freedom from such weakness and its effects brings great joy in Him whose patience has not been withdrawn when we withdrew our total surrender.
    What strength we find, what lessons in spiritual growth and patience towards others, is acquired in hearing His thoughts and desiring His ways instead of self protection and all its defence mechanisms that oppose His purposes.


  2. Annette Masters says:

    Yes and it’s ongoing of course we have the great Transformation/translation – we now know who we are in Christ…. the Beloved …. Born again by His Spirit from above.
    We then move forward into maturity – a lifelong journey stepping into all He has (already). done for us on the Cross and through His Resurrection….All He has prepared for us…..including and especially our healing.
    The Holy Spirit leads us into all Truth as we are led into this Truth we yield and BELIEVE, we are shaped by our beliefs – found in Gods Word and Trusting Him.
    As a man thinks etc… it’s in the renewing of the mind – translated into heart knowledge through daily experience trials testing Jesus showed His Apostles.


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