Delay does not mean never…

I attach here below a link to Jean Darnall speaking in 2009 of a vision she received in 1967 which spoke of God’s purposes for the UK and Europe. In this clip she highlights one aspect of that: a move among Youth in Scotland birthing powerful preachers.

In the last few weeks I have been receiving a continuing trickle of stories of God moving in a fresh way among the Youth in some churches. ” More Lord!”

2 comments on “Delay does not mean never…

  1. Maggie Eaton says:

    Didn’t get a link which I would love to have.
    Our wee fellowship (Strathisla Fellowship) are being blessed and amazed by our youngsters as they share with the rest of the fellowship what God is saying to them. It is very humbling- and exciting!


  2. Angela says:

    Thanks for the video, Kenny.
    I found this article; not read all of it but seems balanced
    Some authentic prophets did not live to see their words and visions fulfilled completely eg Isaiah, Daniel.
    We certainly need a fresh recognition that it is by Jesus only that we are saved and good works are the fruit of that rather than the means to salvation.
    We need so much to have the Rock beneath our feet, ready for persecution. Here, it does not currently take the form of prison and death sentence, torture and terror.
    But the insidious values of a world that slanders God without knowing him, is evident in all areas of life where mention of him is unwelcome and hated.
    There once went Paul concerning God’s son.
    May we all resist insidious undermining of and attack against everything we should hold dearer even than life, young or old. (Moses was eighty when he went to fulfil his calling.)


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