When you just have to do something or burst…

Not sharing who what or where… But when I see a shy man, who tends to live out his spiritual life in a beautifully humble and quiet way, running to the front of the church to join the worship team because he is so overcome with thankfulness for what God has done by his miracle working Spirit… well, no words… Thank you Lord!

Friends, the tide has turned. Keep in step with the Spirit. Make sure you are serving what is on the heavenly agenda for Scotland right now. That may mean our own agendas being ripped up: if God is ignoring them, it’s wise to humbly consign them to the flames.

How do you know whether you are in step? Well are the signs of the Kingdom happening or not? What are the signs of the Kingdom? The ministry of the unchanging Jesus continuing: read the gospels and look around you. If you see even a tiny cloud of Kingdom of Heaven happenings, rejoice and pray and keep in step.

What I saw happening to that man I described at the start can happen in any church. I think, however, there is one prerequisite: a church and it’s leadership either proactively or reluctantly need to be brought to the point of saying in penitence to the Lord that He is the potter we are the clay, and we acknowledge it is so. “Mould us and make us after Your will.” Too many of us and too many church leadership bodies want our own way and will, even if it produces decline and fruitlessness. When that is the case anything that grows is not planted by our Father in heaven according to Jesus. The sin of Pharisaism as well as every “ism” ancient and modern is ultimately the sin of wanting to call the shots. It is wanting the place of being head of the body. It is a mirroring of the ambition of Satan.

God bless


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