A Lesson Worth Learning…

Learning to recognise the peace or disquiet of the Holy Spirit as distinct from what our own own thoughts or understanding may be telling us is a lesson really worth learning. It can help us into new territory which we may be reluctant to step into for various reasons and can also warn us from entering into ventures or relationships our own understanding may see nothing wrong in.

Why not ask God to teach you this aspect of His Spirit’s work? Be warned! You may find yourself silently grieving over something others seem to be rejoicing in or celebrating what others seem to be saying is not of the Lord! Sometimes you will feel that battle within your own self. The Spirit of God can at times be rejoicing over something your mind is angry about. He can be deeply grieved over something that you would scarcely give a thought to. He reveals what flesh and blood understanding (no matter how educated or accomplished) cannot see.

God bless