In Step?

Hearing a trickle of stories of good things happening among youth. I myself have seen Youth being prophets witnesses and preachers of the Lord Jesus Christ in recent days. It is a holy thing I am observing. It pleases the Father to reveal himself to children and babes rather than to the wise and learned. Are we willing to throw aside our carefully drawn out plans and visions to join in with what God is doing and prioritise that? Or will we persist in claiming we know and see how God must be and act in our day and culture, , and thereby render ourselves guilty according to Jesus? What sacred cows with regard to church, it’s life and mission, discipleship etc. precious to you or to me, need to be sacrificed for the sake of Jesus?

If your church or ministry has no emphasis on youth coming to know Jesus deeply, personally, with conviction and assurance in the age old power of the Holy Spirit, right now, it is running itself by its own vision and wisdom and is out of touch with the purposes of the living God. It’s easy to worship an idol made in our image who likes what we like and have invested historic and present time and effort in, ignoring ” I Am” with all that implies of God being active, present reality. Are we blind to the signs of the times? Will Jesus weep over your church or ministry or mine, because we did not recognise the hour of visitation?

God bless!


One comment on “In Step?

  1. Angela says:

    Always good when young people build their lives on faith in Jesus, Kenny, like Samuel in the Bible.
    My church has baptised both young and over eighty years old this year and last. Discipleship Explored course is building a foundation for them.
    It is much harder, in today’s social climate, to follow the Lord and desire what he desires. Maybe our youth and older ones alike don’t feel safety or peace in the craziness perpetrated and called tolerance and love whilst vilifying and ignoring all that points to such a compassionate amazing saviour.
    Let the Spirit convict and bring repentance… that was the sign of God moving in revival on Lewis 74 years ago.


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