Fresh Wind…

Find myself thinking of the words of this song by Ian White. I have repeated them to myself several times over the years at the start of a new season in God, while in a place of real blessing: I could stay in familiar blessing or set out not knowing whither, to brave wind and storm on fresh Kingdom adventures. Is it time for you to set out from the harbour even though you feel slightly fearful in a wonderfully faith filled way? There’s a sound on the wind. Oh, you will be blessed if you stay where you have reached, but… but I could not live with myself living like that. My spirit is trembling afresh .. is yours… I am hearing a fresh song, getting a sense of lands awaiting discovery or rediscovery.

“Though I feel afraid
Of territory unknown,
I know that I can say
That I do not stand alone.
For Jesus, You have promised
Your presence in my heart;
I cannot see the ending,
But it’s here that I must start.

And all I know is You have called me,
And that I will follow is all I can say.
I will go where You will send me,
And Your fire lights my way.

What lies across the waves
May cause my heart to fear;
Will I survive the day,
Must I leave what’s known and dear?
A ship that’s in the harbour
Is still and safe from harm,
But it was not built to be there,
It was made for wind and storm.”

Here’s a link to Richie Gillespie from my former church, Holy Trinity, Wester Hailes, singing the song during lockdown to an empty church. That wonderful congregation lives continually leaving the harbour. Forever grateful. Precious memories. They taught me so much: live in renewal by constant choice to do so.

One comment on “Fresh Wind…

  1. Annette Masters says:

    Perfect I want to weep …..I spoke some words this morning to my Beloved with the same essence ….


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