Apparently the pigments that come into view at this time of the year are always there. It is just they are masked as chlorophyll does its work in its season. You probably knew that!

There is more to the glories of Christ in you than the continually changing seasons of life may have as yet revealed to you and through you! May you and I continually see more of Him and be blessed to be a blessing in each new discovery…

Hope this blesses you!


2 comments on “Hue…

  1. Sherri in Wisconsin says:

    Glorious and blessed indeed Kenny! My favorite season here in Wisconsin and I see the Lord is busy astounding us all over the world with beauty we can’t seem to get enough of. So thankful the Lord takes pleasure in delighting us. Thank you for sharing these!


  2. Angela says:

    Breathtaking.. and so are we to the Lord. Incredible!
    We cannot always see the new life beneath the soil through our lives’ winters but He is shaping His transformations nonetheless.
    Thank you for all your posts.


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