The Smell of Fresh Bread….

Well, I feel a bit like those folk who criticised the Edinburgh Trams… but now look quite happy when they are using them. I have never liked “blogging” and was judgemental towards those who blogged. “Do they really think that people are interested in their opinions, especially when their opinions are so obviously wrong…?”

Funny how circumstances alter your values. A preacher for 34 years, I now suffer from a lung condition which at least for the time being sets certain limitations around that activity. Many are praying for me, and I am so thankful for that. I look forward in believing faith to see further answers to these prayers… BUT I CANNOT WAIT FOR THESE ANSWERS TO UNFOLD. In this time of being laid aside from what I most love doing I have seen so much more beauty in Jesus than ever before. In what could have been dark time, I find myself saying again and again with wonder, “Jesus, I am amazed by your light.”

The bible tells us that we do not well if we keep good news to ourselves. I want to write to you with the goodwill of a beggar sharing with another beggar where they have found bread. Sometimes in these days of hatred of absolutes the search is exalted above the finding and the hungering above the bread. I need some way to share  with you bread that I have found ,so I can go to bed in peace.

What finally pushed me into the until now hated realm of blogs and bloggers was seeing someone greatly admired by the Christian world as a bible teacher of international renown giving ludicrous and harmful advice about how a wife should cope biblically with an abusive husband. How is it possible to sound so sound and yet for the fragrance of Jesus to be so missing? Biblical orthodoxy, to which I am committed, without the Spirit of Christ pleases no one but the religious and advances no cause other than enslavement of human beings. When the truth of Christ is prepared to ignore real people with real needs, it simply becomes a Phariseeism or a new teaching of the law which loads burdens on the backs of men and women that are not only hard to carry but crush.

I want to offer you bread fresh from the oven. Sometimes it may be half a slice, sometimes it may be a loaf. My hope is whoever you are you will be able to taste that the Lord is good, and that He is nearer than you think…. and you are dearer to Him than perhaps you have ever realised.

Let me share bread with you….

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  2. Stewart says:

    Looking forward to reading your blogs, Kenny!


  3. Hilary McNutt says:

    So glad we will get to hear this wisdom. I too have experienced a depth of awe and friendship with Jesus in the last few years that a scarcely thought possible, and yet I have suffered more and still have significant limitations. Is there something about suffering we are pushing under the carpet in favour of the message that God wants to heal us now, today, right now? I wonder how much we pray away the very thing that can radically free us. Thanks for being a brave blogger. Can we tell the clan people? They would love to know . . .

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    • Colin Mutch says:

      Hi Hilary. This will not be a complete answer to your question for Kenny but simply to say that I have met two Pastors from the Middle East recently who, independent of each other, told me that in spite of their personal suffering and the region they minister in suffering horrendously, they have never seen as many people coming to faith in Jesus.

      Kenny, I can’t wait to read your blog. You’ve been called many things by many people over the years but I doubt if anyone thought to hurl the abusive phrase “go on ya blogger!”. I know we will all be blessed by your writings as we have been by your preaching


    • revkennyblog says:

      Yes Hilary you can let folk know. If it was left to my technical expertise no one would ever receive this! … And yes to the deeper question. I would never say to folk to give up looking for healing but if that is our soul focus we may miss where rhe Kingdom is breaking through in other ways in any given moment.


  4. Ian and Lorna Paterson says:

    Please keep blogging, Kenny. You have great gifts to share. Ian thought this was wonderful when Iread it to him….and it is. Blessings and love from both of us.


    • revkennyblog says:

      Thanks for the encouragement! I am not sure how to work these things, but I will give it a go. Thanks for all your encouragement 34 years ago, and indeed your on going interest and encouragement. Love to you both.


  5. margaretmcl says:

    Thank you Kenny. I too saw the video of the teacher you referred to and was so shocked. However, it did not surprise me as I have experienced much judgement and condemnation from ‘pharisees’ after I left my marriage twenty years ago in fear of my life. It is my faith which has strengthened and grown over these years and I have found the fragrance of Jesus throughout it all in the most unexpected places. I now live in the heart of Africa and find that my experiences have been the most perfect preparation for what I have been called to do here. The Lord always finds a way and I look forward to some real meaty slices of bread.


  6. SO proud of my Kenny… Morag x


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