Today, it may be half a slice of bread I offer rather than a couple of slices.

I am reminded this morning that I do have an illness that affects me. I don’t fully understand the way it all works, but today I feel weak physically. The frustrating thing is that yesterday was a good day. All that i wanted to do, I did. The day flowed well from one activity to another. Yet, looking back I can see that I did ignore some warning signals that I was doing too much, reaching beyond capacity.

Though this blog is short today, I believe some in particular are meant to read it. In a sense what I have to say today is more serious that usual. It is simply this: Just because an opportunity to do something is there before you like an open door, it does not mean you should do it. I feel an unusual sense having to warn people of that today, an unusual sense of seriousness that I think is from the Lord. Perhaps for some this blog may be a very particular warning for this very day…

I am thinking of the story of Jonah. Told by God to go to Nineveh he decided to go in the opposite  direction. Lo and behold, there is a boat at the harbour going in that opposite direction! Things are going his way.  He pays the price and gets on board. By the severe mercy of God toward him the story worked out in the end, but it is that matching of what was in his heart to do with the opportunity to do it that I am interested in here. When it is in your heart to do something against the will of God, an opportunity will always open to do it, to the extent that we can even convince ourselves we are doing the right thing after all. Is there tension between you and your spouse? You can be sure a shoulder to cry on will seem to present itself that is  the wrong one; a shoulder you have been getting too close to in the first place. Has material advancement become a fixation, an idol? You will find an opportunity for advancement in that way comes along which demands you pay a price spiritually, but you pay the price and get on board.

I could go on, but I am keeping this short, being kind to myself and to you. This is a genuine warning. Just because an opportunity to say something do something, go somewhere, meet with someone comes along today, and a door seems to be open to do something that you have been fondling in your heart… DON”T DO IT. The consequences may be more severe than my not getting up before 10.30 this morning…

From my bed, but soon getting up…

With love


4 comments on “Warning…..

  1. Lynn says:

    Thanks Kenny for being bold and sharing what you feel the Lord is saying. I believe you to be a watchman on the wall today, I’m off to an interesting community gathering in my local neighbourhood and I will listen well to your words and look like habbakuk for what the Lord will say to me today, not what I think he’s saying through other people presenting opportunities of what could be done…..Bless you today dear Kenny


  2. George Wilson says:

    I would love to leave smart fully understandable words in relation to your message today. Alas, I can’t. They stir something in me. I think I need to pray about this and the Lord will help this stirring to become more concrete!


  3. Kim Ennis says:

    There is an expression that comes to mind ?fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
    This is not to call anyone a fool.
    But I think points to unwise actions that could be considered without consideration and response from God .
    So maybe it’s time to be alert , attentive to our hearts and be true to ourselves.
    Giving all things with need a place in his kingdom before his throne of grace.
    I have found this takes away the fear and has delivered me from evil.
    We are weak but he is strong.when I have stepped out in faith I have protection .
    Rev Kenny I struggle with my health as well.
    It is a mystery.
    Yesterday I spoke with a person who gave me relief from a massage.i said this is what heaven must be like. My tense pain filled muscles relaxed
    Then I remembered that there I would have no pain !
    So I booked another session.
    What word came his am ,was consider the lillies of the field they neither toil or spin yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these.
    So here to keeping it simple
    God bless us all


  4. Kim Ennis says:

    You did leave words that were fully smart and understandable.
    You spoke of wisdom .
    A conversation with God I think is the way to gaining the best response.
    How these words speak to me !


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