Well, it is Easter Saturday today. In terms of what Christians throughout the world  are remembering in this Holy Week, this is the day when Jesus’ body lay in the tomb… dead. It is such a contrast to the pace of the awful events of Good Friday, and the high emotion of Easter Day. It is a day when not much seems to be happening as far as anyone can see. It is almost like a blank page.

Perhaps that is where you feel yourself to be spiritually or emotionally or just in terms of life. Everything seems a bit of a blank. It is not a painful time of injustice or aloneness, it is not a joyful time where life seems to be awakened in a new way, it is just, well…. blank. Nothing seems to cause joy to rise, things that maybe should bother us don’t, we  are neither mourning nor hopeful. We just feel it is a non-day, a blank.

It is really important to remember at times such times of felt experience,  that Easter Saturday was as much held in the purposes of God the Father for His Son, Jesus Christ, as Friday and Sunday.

Spiritual life can be a strange thing. There can be times of deep sorrow and times of intense joy, but perhaps the blank days are the most difficult to live through when I am not particularly aware of anything significant happening or being advanced in my life. If that is where you are today, please remember that those days are held in the hands of your Father as much as days of high awareness and high emotion, whether of sorrow or joy. As Jesus went into that silent day, remember He said, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” Of course He was trusting His Father at the  point of death. But is there a lesson in that for the blank days of life? I think there is. On days like that we can entrust ourselves to our faithful God and say, “Father, into your hands I commit myself. Thank you, that you hold all my days in your hands.”

I love psalm 139. Take time to read it. Whether this is a day which for you is an intense day or a blank day, tell yourself in the words of the Psalmist, “Oh Lord, in your book were written all my days before one of them had come to be.”  Remember this too: In the words of a famous internet sermon, “Sunday’s coming!”

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  1. George Wilson says:

    Thank you once again for your words Kenny,

    One of a series of ‘Preach the Word’ seminar talks available online from Westminster Chapel, London, by a David Pawson mentioned the following during his seminar and aspects of exegetical preaching.

    He explained the deep need to prepare any sermon first for yourself before you can preach it to the people in your ‘congregation’.

    The book of the Bible he used at one point was Jonah from the Old Testament.

    In the book there is a Psalm of Thanksgiving. (I am using the NRSV version of Bible!)

    Jonah basically called to the Lord from Sheol (the Hebrew term for the land of the dead so I understand).

    The waters closed in over him (so he was sinking in the sea)

    The deep surrounded him (man cannot breathe under the water)

    Weeds were wrapped around his head at the roots of the mountains.
    I went down to the land (Sheol?)
    whose bars closed upon me forever; (he was dead!)

    Yet you(being God) brought up my life from the Pit(another reference to Sheol)

    Jonah enters a time of prayer and thanksgiving

    Jonah was dead three days before being brought back from the dead!

    A pre-cursor to the death and resurrection of Jesus.

    Does this reality give you a tingle down your spine?
    It tingled mine when I heard it!



  2. Kim Ennis says:

    I Thank God Sunday’s coming.


  3. David Hill says:

    So true Kenny. Thank you. I’m very grateful.
    Coffee sometime?


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