A plea to those who will preach and lead and pray for folk this Sunday… but the rest of you can look too!

My daughter posted this… Look at it or you may well not understand this blog! Click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser before you read on…


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Max really wants to go to the broccoli farm)

Have you looked at it? Of course it is funny, but it reminds me of  the feelings I had as a disappointed child of God after attending Christian meetings and services and conferences  over the years where a promise was made of all that God would do if we came along … and not kept. It leads to disappointment.

A plea to those who will preach and teach and lead this Sunday: Don’t promise more than you can deliver. Why not come humbly before God with His people and allow Him to do what He wants. Don’t tell God or His people what God will do. He is God. He can do what He wants. He doesn’t need to do what you tell people He is going to do…

I am remembering one of the great influences in my life, Hugh Black, speaking of a healing meeting in Glasgow. By the way,  I don’t know any leader through whom God moved in more power to bless, heal and deliver than through Hugh Black. He believed in healing, but more than that he believed in God and reverenced Him. Perhaps the problem nowadays is we believe in healing and deliverance and miracle more than we believe in God. At this particular meeting, the visiting healing evangelist told everyone who was sick that God was going to heal them if they came forward for prayer. As he  worked his way along the line of those who responded, Hugh Black as he watched had  a witness in his  spirit that certain folk were being healed and others were not being healed at that moment. He was never one to lack courage and so at the end he went up to the visiting speaker and asked him, “Do you not get any witness in your spirit when God is healing someone?” The visiting speaker said that, yes, he did and said he had got a witness for certain people in the line that night. Those he pointed out corresponded with the witness of the Holy Spirit to Hugh Black that healing was happening, and so he asked, “Well, why did you tell everyone they would be healed?” “Well,” said the evangelist, “you don’t want to destroy people’s faith.” Hugh Black looked at him and said, “But don’t you see that is exactly what you have done? My friend, I don’t know what they call what you have done in your country, but in Scotland we call it lying.”

A plea to those who believe in encounter, in healing, in blessing, in deliverance, in miracle…. Believe in God  more, and reverence Him. Let him be God…

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4 comments on “A plea to those who will preach and lead and pray for folk this Sunday… but the rest of you can look too!

  1. George Wilson says:

    I prayed for healing for a person at CLAN who I personally knew and knew what their health problems were.

    They were happy for me to be a prayer duct of the Lord at that time.

    I prayed with a certainty in my spirit that this person was to be completely healed to the extent that there would be no further need for the necessary medication they were taking!

    This person was a believer of faith and discipline!

    Now, nobody could be more knocked back than me when I heard that this person had moved into glory with Jesus in Heaven about three days later!

    I came to peace when a reality came to mind that THE ULTIMATE HEALING is to pass on into glory with Jesus, where we are free of all pain and have new bodies that require no medication. But become involved in the never-ending praise and worship of God in glory.

    Today upon writing this, I now wonder whether it was a prophetic prayer rather than a purely healing prayer that I carried out at the urging of the Holy Spirit!

    Are we truly permitted by God to know that certain prayers for healing may heal in ways, means and in an unusual timescale different to our sometimes necessary need for an immediate and instant result to salve our own personal image as a ‘prayer healer’ who in some ways carry a personal wooden walking stick that can be marked with each perfect healing that has happened only when they have carried out the prayer!

    Be blessed;

    Remember, prayer is a powerful weapon in your life and they are in God’s ears immediately.

    However, the answer is in God’s timescale, not ours, and may take time for an answer to come!


  2. Brilliant Kenny! Absolutely loving all your blogs!


  3. Keithneighbour says:

    Great Blog, Kenny………. excellent idea imparting practical religious wisdom from the pulpit of social media! All power to your elbow.


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