A brief thought on cats and children…

I was reading again today the story of the death of St. Columba. He knew when that day and hour was coming. He did not want it to be at Easter to disturb the Easter Joy of his friends, so he put on hold his desire to depart and be with the Lord until these celebrations were over. On the day he knew he was going to die, there is a story that says that his faithful white horse came to him and rubbed his head against the old man’s head and started to weep into his lap. There may be a lot of legend surrounding Columba, but I have no difficulty believing that there is at least truth behind this story, even if not every detail may be trusted. Columba remarked that men did not know that the hour of his death was coming, but the horse was instinctively aware!

According to actors, we must never work with animals and children! I hope this wont offend you… well actually if you need your pride offended I hope you are offended! We can learn from animals and children. They have not had sensitivity to unseen things educated out of them. I heard a snippet of conversation between a toddler and her Mum the other day. I don’t know what preceded what I heard, but the wee girl was saying with tremendous happiness on her face, “I am not talking to you.” “Why are you not talking to me?” asked her mum. “Because I am talking to Jesus.” It is so so sad that children nowadays have spirituality indoctrinated out of them. It is a sort of abuse.

I simply want to say that your cat and your children or your neighbours cat and children can teach you a thing or two! They can probably hear and see better than you or I.

You will be used to me saying things that probably make you wonder about my sanity. Well, just add this to the list. Watch the cats and watch and listen to  the children…. and by the way if your child or grandchild tell you they have heard or seen something, don’t be too quick to shut it down out of anxiety. Of course as they grow they may need help to work out what is real and what is imagination, but pray God’s blessing on all that is genuinely of Him. They may well help you to be truly born again and see the Kingdom.

The line of a song is playing somewhere in my memory:

I want to be a child again, I want to see the world through 5 year old eyes…

Abba’s child, if these song words cause a yearning to rise within you, give that yearning a name if you can and then  turn it into a simple prayer to your Heavenly Father.

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2 comments on “A brief thought on cats and children…

  1. George Wilson says:

    Dogs have been trained to help people who are blind to get out and about!

    The ones that don’t quite get their ‘university’ degree to a high enough level can become ‘assistance’ dogs. They help people open doors and other aspects in life that they couldn’t do for themselves!

    Dogs have been trained as sniffer dogs for dead bodies, explosives, illegal drugs;

    They are farm dogs who help the shepherd out!

    However, it is my understanding that pet dogs due to the close bond between them and their ‘owner’ can sense when some illnesses like development of tumours are occurring in their ‘owners’ when no medical equipment is sufficiently developed yet to detect anything. Also, the owner themselves are not even aware of anything beginning to affect their life.

    If dogs could truly speak like they portray in TV adverts, cartoons and film’s would they be employed as first point health specialists and would anyone believe their words.

    What form of GOOD NEWS would they utter?

    Have all children and animals of God’s creation been gifted in special ways that ways that we have allowed ourselves to become blind to!

    Jesus said to allow the little children to come to him!

    Is that child still in you that cries out within you to just let the anchors of the world loose and run into loving healing embrace of Jesus arms?

    Be blessed


  2. Lynn says:

    Such a Blessing to read your blog daily !!
    Thank you so much for sharing your heart, your wisdom and your Love of Abba and His children !!
    Countless Blessings Always !!


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