Running late prayers….

Today is Sunday.  I find myself thinking  of those of  you who are preaching, leading worship, working with children and young people, or leading in some other way  at church this morning. I am thinking most especially of those who are running ragged and a bit behind time! There is still time to pray some John Wimber prayers. Let me share two that have helped me a lot over the years:

1 – “ O God, O God, O God…”

2  – “Help!’

God bless you, as you seek to bless others today.


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2 comments on “Running late prayers….

  1. Lynn says:

    Needed to lead the intercessory prayers this morning and didn’t wake up till nine.
    So this is so very apt today !!!
    Got a pen and paper and let the Lord speak to my heart and because of His Faithfulness I managed to leave home five minutes earlier than usual !!!
    From Him all blessings flow !!!
    Am so very very grateful to be His child !!!!
    Abba Bless you today and every day, Kenny !!!!


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