As you face another week…

I was so greatly blessed one day not long ago when reading in Henri Nouwen’s “A Spirituality for Living” I came across the story of “The Little River.”

This little river thought to itself, “ I could become  a big river.” It worked hard, but it came against a big rock. The little river said, “I’m going to get round this rock.” The little river pushed with all its might and it got itself around the rock!

Soon the river came against a big wall, but it kept pushing forward! Eventually the river  tunnelled its way through. Then the river came to a huge  forest. The river said, “I’ll go ahead anyway and just force these trees down.”  On it  flowed.

But now the river found itself at the edge of an enormous desert with the hot sun shining relentlessly upon it. The river said, “I’m going to manage to get through this desert! I can do it!” But the hot sand soon began to soak up the whole river until the river became a small muddy pool. At that point the river heard a voice say, “Just surrender. I will  lift you up.”  The sun lifted up the river, and made the river into a cloud. It carried the river over the  vast expanse of the desert and rain poured forth to make distant fields fertile, rich and fruitful.

I will leave you to do your own thinking and be blessed as you do.


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