“And being warned by God in a dream…”

This almost daily blogging business is so much easier than preaching once or twice a week, that’s for sure. As I have said before, I just ask God to bring something from my spirit to the surface of my attention  and then share it with you. It doesn’t need to follow on from the blog before ,such as in a series of sermons.

Well, today the verse that came to mind occurs in the story of the Kings or the Wise men, the Magi, or whatever you prefer to call them. After worshipping Jesus and presenting gifts to Him, they left again for their own country but as we know they did not go back to Herod, because  of what is recorded in this phrase: “And being warned by God in a dream…”

For some reason, I think God wants to say to some today not to ignore warnings He gives you in your dreams. I know that some of you fine Reformed fellows out there might have difficulty with this notion, but I do believe God speaks to us through dreams. I am not the world’s best at interpreting dreams. There are courses and books available to help with that. I will try and find some links and put them at the end of this blog…if, that is,  I can work out the technicalities of how to do that! However, I have found that warning dreams can be understood even by a novice like me. Warnings need to be stark and clear and obvious. Let me share a couple of that type of dream with you.

A good few yeas ago, I dreamed one night when I was a minister in Thurso, that a man I greatly respected in the Lord, who I had always wanted to meet, met me in my Church Hall. I had never seen this man, only heard of him, so I had no idea what he looked like. I just knew it was him. He was standing on one side of the church hall and I was on the other. There was an invitation to join him on his side, in what he was doing, and something in me longed to do that, but I felt in the dream that despite the attractiveness of that offer to me, I was not to accept it. The next day I opened the door of the manse, and there was the man I had seen in my dream standing there in the flesh! I must have looked like I had seen a ghost for such a thing had never happened to me before! It was so tempting to want to throw in my hat and join him in the work he was doing, but I remembered the warning of the dream.

The only other time I experienced something similar was a dream about someone who has a ministry in counselling. Counselling is a wonderful ministry, but I felt that there was clear warning that this particular person’s approach to counselling and  what they were trying to bring people into was not right, in fact could perpetuate habits outlook and behaviour that would not produce freedom and wholeness. Now again, I had not seen this person, nor had I ever met them in my life, but I knew this person in the dream was them and there was some sort of warning about the influence they were having. A few days later I met them in a church meeting, and picked up from that meeting something of the unease I had felt about them in the dream.  As I said already I had never met them before nor have I ever met them since. I guess the purpose of the dream was to be alert to their influence upon people and to pray God would help this person to come more on the right track. I am not sure I have prayed for them as I should since that experience, in fact God forgive me I know I have not.

I think that for me God speaking in dreams is not something that is my main things as it were, although He has been doing that now and then since my childhood up until the present.  Nor do I find that for me it is “on tap.” I have found though that a dream from God is more likely to come when I ask him to speak to me in my dreams and then expect Him to.

There are all sort of dreams, but I guess I am wondering if God put this on my heart today because there are maybe some of you who have been warned by God in a dream not to go down a certain path, or in a certain direction, or be involved with some person or other. If this seems at all that it could be you, then please don’t ignore the possibility that God may be speaking to you trough this blog. Not every blog every day will be equally relevant to every person. If this is not for you then just say a prayer for those for whom this might be the Word of the Lord as they read it. Perhpas with simple faith you could also ask God to speak to you through dreams.

Your brother in Christ


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3 comments on ““And being warned by God in a dream…”

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    I haven’t been warned as such, in a dream, but I did dream about a situation once where a possible problem arose, one that I hadn’t been concerned about until then, and as a result of that, I was able to suggest a solution to my employer at the time, and this stopped any bad outcome from happening later on.

    As far as warnings go, I have been given warnings re certain people, by people who understood better than me, to not get involved with these particular people.
    Unfortunately, I naively thought the people warning me were being mean (I was a lot younger than I am now), and I didn’t realise just how much the ones warning me, cared about me, and so I ended up in two really bad situations because I didn’t listen.

    Abba Father in His Goodness and Loving Kindness got me out of both situations.
    Thank You !!!
    But if I’d listened to the warnings in the first place I wouldn’t have ended up in a mess
    in the first place.

    To any younger ones, or even any young at heart ones, reading this, Please if someone warns you about a particular person/people, don’t assume they’re being mean, check things out Before
    jumping in up to your neck !!
    Don’t do what I did, though even saying that, I know from experience, that if you want something badly enough, you will go after it, no matter who tries to warn you !!
    Sometimes we have to learn the hard way.
    But it would be so much better if we’d just listened in the first place !!


    • George Wilson says:

      I am supposed to be ‘wise-ish’ having just reached my 57th birthday!

      However, I still manage to to put my foot (or in many cases my mouth) in it, and realise what a FOOL I have been when the fireworks start flying!

      In my situation it can at times be said;

      Fool’s rush in where angels fear to tread!

      I thank God that He is merciful and willing to forgive when we seek forgiveness. also, that his LOVE can cover a wonderful array of failings and help redeem the situation, even though it may take time!


      • Lynn Lindsay says:

        I’m soon to be 8 years older than you George and I’m still learning !!
        Fool’s rush in, I know that well !!
        So Yes, Thank God for His Mercies and His Loving Kindness, for they truly are New every morning !!


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