“Have I made it clear..?

I made a semi promise to someone and to myself that this would be a blog free Sunday. I have not been sleeping at all well and am suffering a bit from that lack of sleep, hence the promise. It is not a good thing to break a promise, even a semi-promise. Our “yes” is to be “yes” and our “no” is to be “no.” Keeping promises is a sign of God in us as He himself is a promise maker and a promise keeper. He has made many promises to us in Christ and always says ”yes” to them, always keeps them.

However because of a dream early this morningI have to break that semi-promise.  This can’t wait until tomorrow. I just hope it is not to late to reach who I think it is meant to reach, namely preachers of the gospel preaching this very day. The dream was so clear: a minister was preparing to preach, preparing to lead a Sunday Service. In the dream they were combing their hair one last time, looking at themselves in the mirror and smiling because everything was looking good. However in the dream I found myself speaking out a plea; “But have you ever told people ‘You are lost, you are lost, you are facing a lost eternity, turn to Christ!’ ?” Preacher… have you?

The last time I preached in Holy Trinity before having to stop, my morning and evening services in a series on The Apostles Creed were based around the line in which we confess about Jesus, “He descended into hell.” I found myself sharing a secret fear with the congregation, namely that I had never made it clear enough that without Christ we face a lost eternity. I made it clear that day…

I know I have some friends who are preachers and who read this blog who do not share my theology and will find what I am saying today distasteful in the extreme. The worst consequence of this blog today is that you simply stop reading this blog. This blog may be the last blog from me that you read. But just as in my last sermon I want to ask you in case this is for you my last blog: “Have you made it clear enough that without Christ we are lost?”

For those who do share my theology, remember that Paul in 2nd. Corinthians places before every ambassador of Christ an amazing picture of what we are meant to look like. He places before us a begging Christ, a Christ on His knees pleading through His messengers, “Be reconciled to God.” Maybe we need to pray the line of the popular song and really mean it: “Break my heart for what breaks yours….”

Lost is a beautiful word. It implies someone belongs somewhere. There is a home to return to. If it is the final word over a life it is a horrific word.

“Have I made it clear enough…” was the phrase I used in my last sermons here in Holy Trinity. I did not know they would be my last semons. If today was your last sermon preacher, “Have you made it clear enough?”

So today, comb your hair, take that final look in the mirror to see you  are at least semi presentable enough not to be a stumbling block… but remember there are more important things than looking ok enough for folk to think well of you…a begging and entreating Christ on His knees is looking for begging and entreating preachers who say on His behalf, “Be reconciled to God.”

This is too urgent to check for any spelling mistakes etc.  I am putting out this draft as it is. If there are any I will correct them in future updates. I hope they do not irritate you to the point you angrily dismiss what I am trying to say.

Your brother in the Lord


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  2. Thanks again for this Kenny. Brilliant.


  3. Rob Isbister says:

    It was a good enough message for most preachers over 100 years ago!


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