Blasphemy v. Being Happy…

Well, here is a wee extra blog going out very late UK time when few will read it.  In fact if you are reading this tonight (Thursday) and live in the UK, what on earth are you doing? For any favour, will you put off the light and go to sleep!!  For those of you who can’t sleep, well here is something to think about in the night hours  that might help to put you to sleep….

Just a night time observation: my blog two days ago entitled “Blasphemy” got twice as many hits twice as fast as today’s blog entitled “Be Happy in God.” (If you haven’t read them, it might help to do that before you read on.) Now what does that say about the outlook of Christian blog readers? Does it mean we are secret heresy hunters wanting to find fault with someone in the Christian world, especially if they seem to be successful, well liked and pastor a mega church? Does it mean we are suspicious of happiness as a Christian virtue? Or does it mean nothing at all? Just wondering out loud…

Here’s another thought: if I shared that I had a positive  word of commendation  from the Lord to share that was for some of you and I also had to bring a hard word from the Lord to some of you because all was not well with  you in the Lord’s sight, which would you believe must be for you? What does that tell you about you? You struggle to believe in grace? You secretly think, “It is only a matter of time before God tells everyone the ugly truth about me and exposes me publicly,” ? Or does it mean nothing at all? Just wondering out loud…

And one more thought… when I preach in a congregation or at a conference a word that is full of challenge and may be pulling people up in some way, I get more positive responses, more people saying “thank you” afterwards than when I speak in a more overt way about the Father’s love or tenderness? What does that tell you about Christian gatherings? Do we sit there thinking, “They needed to hear that!  I hope they were listening…?” Do we think God’s sternness more so than His kindness leads us to repentance…? Or does it mean nothing at all? Just wondering out loud….

Your friendly, wondering, not yet sleeping  blogger…


6 comments on “Blasphemy v. Being Happy…

  1. Jack Keenan says:

    Just before I was about to put the light out, I saw your “bonus” blog. Quite liked your wonderings. Glad they’re not wanderings. Night night. Lichts oot.


  2. Rob Isbister says:

    guess we all realise we really aren’t perfect and seeing at least a facet that needs attention we appreciate it – that is something I can try to improve.


    • revkennyblog says:

      Indeed Rob… butI cannot help but wonder if people find it easier to believe God is disapproving towards them rather than the idea He tenderly graciously loves them?


  3. Kim Ennis says:

    I think it also depends on the heart of the author.
    I did not read into these responses more than God speaking to the heart of the bloggers but that is just me.
    When I read these wonderings I am saddenedand confused.

    Fear not brother God is with us where ever we go …
    In our wonderings and wanderings
    What can we do ?

    God our Father
    You do not seek to trip us up or lay a trap to snare us but your hand is outstretched when we have fallen,or stumbled.
    You deliver us from evil.
    Unto Him who is able.
    Please speak to our hearts and reveal any wicked way within them so we can be ready to do your will.
    Not brought to shame and despair by man so that we hide but brought in to light and life in Jesus.

    Lord hear my prayer.


    • revkennyblog says:

      Thanks Kim. I think what I have discovered after 34 years of being a pastor is that people find it far easier to believe that God has a harsh attitude towards them rather than being able to believe he loves us graciously and tenderly. That is sad…


  4. judithjamesdavies says:

    Give me happy anytime. Psalm 16.11 Fullness of Joy 😎😎😎


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