“Oh, it’s real!”

For the first time I realised last night how precious the opportunity afforded to me by this blog really is; to be able to share the Word of Life in this way is a joy, but I found myself praying for those of you who read it with a new sense of responsibility. “What do I really want for those who read this?”  was the simple question I asked myself. Well, I hope you are blessed by the words and experiences I share, but I want this blog to be more than reading words like reading a menu. I want you to taste and see that the Lord is good. I want you to know Living Water bubbling up in fresh measure within you. I actually hope these blogs help you to encounter God in fresh ways, or at least create a longing after the Living God, as the deer pants for streams of water. It is always a slightly risky thing when one writes of one’s spiritual experiences as I do quite regularly. That can either encourage faith or it can discourage folk at the same time. A feeling can arise, “Lord, if you met Kenny in this way you can meet me in this way!” Conversely it may be that you feel at times reading these blogs, “Why has nothing like that happened to me? What is wrong with me?”

Let me just say that blogs like Christian books can be deceiving. It is so easy to give a false impression unintentionally. What I mean is that a blog or a book gives you the chance to tell your best stories. You can do the same when you are a conference speaker away from home. That can give the impression that amazing encounters with God happen to you  every day. It can lead to people expecting too much when they meet you and being disappointed by you or your ministry!  I am actually very ordinary and most of my Christian Life and my ministry is very ordinary and run of the mill. Most of the time, in fact the vast majority of the time I simply go by the Bible and by faith in what I read there. However at the same time I don’t want to hide the fact that God has at times broken through into my life in very tangible and palpable ways. Indeed part of my praying for you last night – quite briefly I have to say, but with at least a touch of fervour –  is that over the course of your life  you will have times where God would meet you in such power and presence that you will find yourself saying what I have said at such moments  when they have happened to me; “Oh, it’s real! It is all real!” I know you know “it” is real but nonetheless I pray that moments will come when you just have to say, “It’s real! It is all real!”

That then  is what I want for you, that is what I pray for you. If you don’t want that, well I have prayed  it for you anyaway. I am remembering as I say that several Dutch pastors who seemed a bit upset when they were prayed for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. The setting was a conference which Ian Macdonald the Associate Minister at Holy Trinity and I helped to lead in the Netherlands at the invitation of Dick Westerkamp from Houten. God answered the prayers for several of these pastors by giving them a gift of tongues that they hadn’t wanted! Who said God is a gentleman or that He respects everything we believe or don’t believe, want or don’t want? So some of you may not want an “Oh, it’s real” moment or say you don’t need it. When it happens you will know what I mean by that phrase and that you did need it after all! However I know that by contrast some of you really do hunger for encounter with the Living God for an “Oh ,it’s real” encounter. If that describes you, don’t get discouraged if you have to wait.  I prayed for years before my first “Oh, it’s real, it is all real” encounter. Don’t give up asking, seeking and knocking. When such moments come you will be able to say, “This is our God. We have waited for Him.” It worries me a bit that there seems to be teaching going around that seems to say there is no place for waiting as we have it all: well, as Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones said, “Got it all? Got it all? Then in God’s name I ask you, where is it?”

Praying this for you as I hope from time to time  you will pray the same  for me. There is “more” for all of us. There is always “more.”


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7 comments on ““Oh, it’s real!”

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Oh Bless you Kenny !!!
    Found myself singing the chorus to ‘i need Thee every hour’.
    after reading your blog this morning !!
    for this child, please keep praying !!!


  2. George Wilson says:

    Strange to consider that this blog leads me into memories of cycling around Scotland!

    There was always ‘more’ there!

    You have climbed up a hill you didn’t think you would manage and when you get to the ‘top’ you go Yahoo, or words of your choosing.

    Then you are looking forward to a great freewheeling downhill run that might just set off all of the 20mph and 30mph speed cameras on the way. The maximum I remember getting to is 45mph, at which point my nerve went! I can’t even remember how long it took to stop as my brakes strained, rubber against steel, to slow me down.

    However, at times when you have just got to the ‘top’ your anticipation leads you into a false sense of thought, for you cycle around the the next bend and you are confronted by another hill higher and ‘steeper’ than the last one.

    Do you want to go on, or would you like just to be home right now!

    I went through this with my brother cycling from Carbisdale youth hostel across to Ullapool!

    A yo-yo cycle, but last downhill into Ullapool! Yahoo!

    There was always more:

    A gentle ride alongside a loch (lakes to some others)

    The undulating runs in the country, which in Scotland, NEVER seemed to be GENTLE!

    Or, a run up the ‘rest and be thankful’ hill!

    There was always more to explore, which I can only do from an armchair, or, by someone being my chauffeur in a car!

    And, in words from ‘The Last Battle’ book from ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe series’ by C.S. Lewis.

    With Aslan, the encouraging words were ‘further in and further up’

    The children had thought it was amazing and glorious when they first stepped through the door

    But, Aslan leads there ‘further in and further up’ to even more glories and splendour!

    The some with Abba Father, you can choose to stay close to the door, or follow the encouragement to go ‘further in and further up’!

    There is always MORE, even though at times it may hidden around the next bend!

    Be Blessed in your journey closer to and deeper into God, as YOU allow him closer to and deeper into you!


  3. calebant says:

    Yes, God is the bread, and the hunger for the bread – good news to those that hunger and thirst. He will satisfy you – and more! Thank you, Father.


  4. May says:

    Thank you for this Kenny, a word I truly needed to hear this morning


  5. judithjamesdavies says:

    Nevertheless, always the MORE …..


  6. Sue says:

    Was asking God last night if He really was real! Asked if He could give me a fresh reassurance. Thank you Kenny for this blog.


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