Waiting for a sign you don’t need…?

This may be the shortest blog I ever write. Are you waiting for a sign from heaven that you don’t really need? When I eventually embarked on the process of stepping down from being a parish minister , ultiamately the thought within my mind that helped me to do that was, “Kenny you are no longer fit to do a week’s work for a week’s wage.”

I just felt today that perhaps there are some of you who read this blog who need to make a decision based on good old fashioned common sense. Being able to think things through and come to a decision is part of God’s common grace to  humanity as much as the sun and the rain. Of course God can lead us at times to do something that makes no sense to those looking on or even to ourselves, but let’s not make that into a principle or a law. Today, is there some decision you need to make based on common sense?

Just a thought,