You are more powerful than perhaps you realise…

I was talking with my beautiful daughter Sarah today over a coffee. Somehow the father daughter conversation got on to deliverance! I have not been used in direct face to face deliverance that often in the course of my ministry but the few times that has occurred have taught me a lot. I was remembering one of the most dramatic encounters today: a girl who could not read or write, who was hearing voices saying they were going to kill her. How did I know it was not mental illness which clearly can have the same symptoms? That is where we need the gift of discernment otherwise we could really cause damage. The Holy Spirit bore His own witness to me that this was demonic and it was going to be dealt with that very night. She was indeed set marvellously free. However I don’t really want to go into the story of the deliverance. What I mentioned to Sarah was that this girl told me that when she saw Christians in the supermarket she felt power coming from them and knew they could help her somehow and get this thing away.

Dear blog readers, in Christ you have more authority and power than you know. Perhaps an opportunity to stand in your authority in Christ will come your way this day or soon. May you know at that moment that Christ in you is greater than anything you face. Be assured of the absolute supremacy of the Lordship of Christ.

God bless


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3 comments on “You are more powerful than perhaps you realise…

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Thank you Kenny!

    Best wishes Carol Sent from my iPad



  2. George Wilson says:

    I pray that this blog helps give me courage to realise the truth of a situation I am currently faced with – thanks Kenny


  3. Kim Ennis says:

    Blessed assurance .
    Not by might not by power but by His spirit.
    Holy Spirit rise up above the nations and powers of darkness in my life.


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