Posting nearer to Sunday : Words that were given to me that might help you too!

I was thinking today of a couple of things that have been said to me repeatedly over the years after I have preached whether in a church setting or a conference setting; one by the Lord and the other by the Lord’s people. I want to share them with you in the hope that if you have any sphere of service or ministry, however small or extensive they might help you. Please know that I recognise we are all different, and I hate ever sounding like an expert because I am not; nonetheless I pass on these two words for you to think about.

From The Lord to me: “Get more simple still.” This was something that I believe I heard from God on a regular basis for the first 25 years of preaching, till eventually I got there. I used to ask Him every so often if there was anything He had to say to me that would help me bless more people more deeply in my preaching Sunday by Sunday and for all that there were occasional additional words to me, the thing I believe He said to me most often was, “Get more simple still.” So I leave that with you to think about.

The Second thing I want to leave with you has been said repeatedly by the Lord’s people, lost and found: “I really appreciate your gentleness.” Despite what I said above about us all being different, there is a charge laid upon all of us as we seek to live for The Lord and serve Him: ”Let your gentleness be evident to all.” (Philippians Chapter 4 verse 5.) These words were written by Paul not to particular people with particular personalities but to all people in a local church whatever their personality make-up. Usually when people have mentioned appreciation of gentleness they have gone on to speak about the effect of that upon them with a reference to some sort of healing that had been brought to them. Friends, there is not much gentleness in the world. Sadly often there is not much gentleness in the church. More than often there is not gentleness on the conference scene but a lot of shouting through microphones, strutting on stages and sweating, which somehow is believed to indicate anointing. It stirs up passion but doesn’t do much beyond that. Miraculous healings that happen in such a charged atmosphere seem to have equally miraculously disappeared by the next morning. So I leave this with you too: “Let your gentleness be evident to all.” Is there no place for taking hold of the Kingdom violently? Yes, but keep your violence for where it should be directed namely against spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places, rather than for impressing a gathering that you are truly God’s man or woman for the hour. Keep the fist shaking for there not for those you minister to, but remember if all that you have is fist shaking without anointing you might come a cropper. Demons recognise the difference between fist shaking, strutting, shouting and sweating compared to anointing. They are not as gullible as we are.

So to sum up. 2 words given repeatedly to me that might be worth thinking about though you and I might be very different in many ways:

“Get more simple still.”

“I appreciate your gentleness.”

God bless you to love and serve the Lord


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4 comments on “Posting nearer to Sunday : Words that were given to me that might help you too!

  1. Alistair says:

    Thanks Kenny. Your simple gentleness reveals God within you.


  2. Ian White says:

    An excellent word. Thankyou.


  3. Kim En says:

    This is life and health and peace
    Healing in the name of Jesus is here.
    The gift is presented and received
    What is revealed is my heart.
    broken and contrite .
    He is a gentle Father who responds.


  4. Kim En says:

    To me Simplicity offes the profound wisdom of God.
    It is the childlike response that determines trust and relationship.
    With an agenda of no more than understanding how to be close to the father.
    It is an acceptance of His authority and an embrace of His reassurance.
    It is clarity and conformation that all is well with my soul.
    It defines for me where I have turned to struggle with my humanity alone.
    When I have turned to create what has been created .
    Simplicity of a pure love becomes complexity under my terms.
    I say my agenda is to be close to the fathers love .
    I am learning that even this is a comprise that He will not allow me to manipulate.
    How amazing is that!
    He says even more simpler.


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