He cares…

Paul said he would gladly boast of things that showed his weakness. I guess I am doing that today.

I want to share with you a memory of when I got it wrong. We were holidaying in the North of Scotland staying in a cottage on an estate owned and run by a Christian. I noticed  another resident who looked particularly upset. I thought  I would ask God if He had anything he wanted to say to me that would help her. Instantly a picture came to mind of this young woman washing her clothes in a washing machine and then holding them up to the light, looking very dissatisfied and washing them again, holding them up again, looking very dissatisfied etc. I instantly thought, “Here is someone who does not know they have been washed clean by the blood of Christ. They need assurance of forgiveness.” Armed with the picture God had given, I approached the young woman’s friend. Within minutes of conversation I found out the true meaning of the picture. This sad 19 year old American tourist had lost her luggage en route to Scotland. All she had was the clothes she was wearing which she was having to wash and re wash and re wash. The picture had simply meant that God knew and cared about a 19 year old young woman who did not have all that she needed to be able to enjoy her holiday. Not only had I got the meaning of the picture wrong, but I realised something else as well: He did not seem to want to challenge her with an angry Scottish Presbyterian, “Is not the body more than raiment?” He simply cared.

I got it wrong… but I learned a lesson about the care of God. I need to remember that in this phase of life   on those days when I am more aware of weakness than strength. Our heavenly Father  does not turn everything into a spiritual challenge. Sometimes He just wants us to know He is with us and He cares.

Maybe you need to know that today…

God bless you


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One comment on “He cares…

  1. Kim En says:

    He cares has sometimes caused me to think this is not enough.
    It is at times when I am so distressed.or lonely.
    When I feel the pain of separation
    I do not question that He cares but my sorrow is too much
    I know my redeemer lives. at these times I call out for redemption
    Come Lord Jesus be present.
    I often have to wait and feel the loss .
    Today Lord Jesus let me feel you care.
    Let all those who know loss be comforted.
    I do not see anyone as getting things wrong of right
    Because God uses it for His purpose.


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