Urgent…don’t delay….read now…

I was just thinking today of how Jesus could have made things easier on Himself. For example He healed people on the Sabbath who had been ill for years. Could He not have waited just a few hours until the Sabbath was over before healing them? It would certainly have spared Jesus the wrath of the Pharisees on at least some occasions.

This tells us something about the heart of Jesus, that alleviating need and helping people should never be delayed when something can be done right now for a fellow human being.

I had a dream last night of me keeping someone knocking at a door wanting my help:  I delayed in answering and by the time I did they were tired and in pain.

Don’t wait if it is in your hands to help someone right now. Don’t even wait till this Sabbath, this day is over. Maybe a prayer, a phone call or a text, an arrangement to meet up this coming week, or a cheque dropped in the post, or money dropped though their door anonymously this very night would help them and you sleep easier.

Scripture does not seem to look kindly on those who have the wherewithal and the intention to help and either do nothing or delay. The Bible says it  is the  road to hell that is paved with good but unfulfilled intentions, not the narrow path that leads to true life lived in the blessing of God.

I did something about the person in my dream, and I am glad I did! It was easily enough done.

I could have delayed this blog until tomorrow when more would catch it and read it, but again, I feel glad I didn’t. I hope some who read  this will be glad I didn’t delay either…


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