I really do believe what I say here….

I hate watching myself on video or listening to recordings of my own preaching. However, I have overcome these 2 personal hates to post this  clip of me! It was recorded for Evangelical Alliance.

I have changed stances on some things over the years, but I really do believe what I say in this video… and by the grace of God I will continue to believe it…. I hope it might make you think….about what? Oh, I don’t know really, I will leave that between you and the Lord.

God Bless


4 comments on “I really do believe what I say here….

  1. judithjamesdavies says:

    Thank you once again for your thoughts. I’m getting used to being brought to tears every time I read them. A true God -given ministry. Bless you Kenny


  2. Kim Ennis says:

    Lynn told me about the red carpet whe the church reached out to express the love Jesus wanted them to know.
    How many times were you allowed to walk up and down and receive?


  3. Kim Ennis says:

    I can beleive that walking on the red carpet is like hearing the trees clap their hands.
    Going out with joy and peace.


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