Wrote this today : thought I would share it with you! I hope it blesses you and brings you hope and faith by the grace of God.

God bless



Today it’s summer but it comes every year
the thumping of my heart with sad excited fear,
just as the first fall of golden glory
becomes underfoot, disintegrating stuff of muddy slurry.
“The grass fades, the flower falls…”
The feeling of things being over;
this the fear I have, come each October.

Yet, even then the sun is there,
through all the spreading darkness and misty air;
a reminder of a continuing story,
since “let there be” first birthed its glory.
“There was evening and there was morning…”
“Morning then evening” seems easier spoken order;
faith sees the same, but announces other.

It’s been good to write that this June day,
for grey into any month can find its way.
Bloom not gloom!
Life not the tomb!
“I am He that liveth that once was dead…!”
It isn’t over till its over…
… I must remember that come this October.

copyright K.S.Borthwick

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  1. John says:

    A blessing indeed Kenny. And our blessings and love are willowing their way down to you both, from the beautiful Highlands.


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