Sabbath Interrupted…

I thought I would give myself a day off blogging, a Sabbath rest as it were! However, as soon as I made that decision, I thought I had better bring it into the presence of the Lord and check out His blessing was resting upon it.  I believe, in under a second,  the Lord gave me a picture to blog about: I saw a crocodile with snapping jaws; simple as that. I have found that many , though not all interruptions of my plans are from God. So, I am thinking some of you this very day have endured hurtful, wounding  and potentially very damaging words; that’s what I think the picture means. Make time to be in the presence of your Heavenly Father who says to all those in Christ, “You are my Beloved. You bring me great joy.” Let His Word, His words, cleanse and heal your wounds.

Oh, by the way, if you have been a crocodile today to somebody, just say sorry to that person and to their God and yours.

That’s it.  It is a sort of lazy blog day if not a blog free day. Back to my Sabbath rest…

Will speak again soon.

God Bless