(Put this on Facebook yesterday, sorry if you have already read it, but thought I would make it a blog via WordPress – not my usual type  of blog at all!)

The Divided States of America… so so sad…. “The lesser of two evils” seems to be the way many are deciding how to vote, well amongst those who “decide” rather than just vote as they have always voted and always will. I think what is confusing and difficult for us in the UK is how some of our brothers and sisters in America make “the lesser of two evils” sound righteous. “He shares our values” said a famous evangelical of Trump! What?! I am sure that evangelical leader does not speak for all evangelicals, it is the thought that he speaks for any bible believing Christians that I confess I cannot understand.

The way Trump spoke about ordinary people in Scotland when he tried to bully them from their homes because they were “slums” and spoiled the view from his golf course and luxury hotel was horrific and chilling to watch.  Threat seems to be a fairly frequent tone, and not idle threats at that. “Anything to get my own way regardless of what that means for others” hardly seems a very safe value, let alone Christian value to which America is about to entrust itself and unleash upon the world.

“The alternative is worse still,” say some of my trusted and admired  and much loved Christian American friends of great integrity and genuine godliness when speaking of Clinton. Their concerns in that regard are shared by many non-Christian Americans even from within her own party. I can certainly see how many Christians feel they could never vote for her as regardless of any other policies she too has effectively used the weapon of threat, saying that Christians will have to change their beliefs. However, please don’t sell the soul of Christianity by being so quick to lay hands on Trump with great enthusiasm. If you do see him as your next president and are quick to lay hands upon him, I pray it may be with godly grief rather than simply out of jingoistic anger at what has been happening in and to your country. The anger of man does not bring about the righteousness that God requires. What I fear most for the USA or DSA is that God may give America the President they choose. That is the way He often judges. It may be the way He chooses / is choosing to judge Britain too.

Whatever you think of these thoughts about the apparent Canonisation of Trump by  a sector of the Christian Church, perhaps God will lay it on your heart to pray for America.

God Bless


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