Have been very blessed with sleep recently! Obviously that is a blessing in itself and brings huge benefits, but one of the benefits for me is that I dream more and often God speaks to me in my dreams.

I will share one of my recent  dreams soon….but not today as my mind is not at its clearest due to medication! In the Old testament it is forbidden to minister while under the influence of strong drink, well today I am under the influence of some pretty major additional medication! I might regret what I write and confuse you and dishonour the Lord, if I say too much today!

This then is just a trailer advertising a dream. However, just as my sleep has come under attack so, so, often over the years, I wonder if the ways that you hear from God are under attack. Does there seem to be a strong force keeping you away from reading the bible? If you are the  solitary contemplative type, is time for that under pressure? If you pray when you walk the dog have you found your walks getting shorter and therefore the prayer more rushed? Just have a think of the ways in which God speaks to you. Is that contested territory at the moment? If there is contested territory,  I hope victory comes in some shape or form quickly. Whatever else spiritual life is about it is about hearing and being guided by the Spirit of God. May your ways of seeing and hearing the Spirit be protected and blessed this day and this coming week.

God Bless


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  1. May McIntyre says:

    Thank you so much for these words. They confirm what I felt God had been speaking to me about recently. Your blogs truly are a blessing. God bless


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