Bread…not Caviar!

OK, I will no doubt get over the mesmeric effect of the beautiful writing of Rowan Williams; but before I do, let me share more bread I found in his book, “Being Disciples,” (SPCK 2016).Please don’t dismiss these two short quotes from Chapter 3 of that book as mere tasty morsels that you can take or leave. This really is someone who loves Jesus Christ simply and humbly breaking the Bread of Life and offering it to you and to me in the context of thinking about the Lord’s Prayer: it is not caviar, some luxurious extra or mere indulgence. May it be more than your spiritual taste buds that are activated as you read and think…

We start from need – where else can we start?” (Page 37)

A willingness to forgive is clearly the mark of a humanity touched by God.” (Page 40)

I might explain these a bit in coming days, but I will let you do your own chewing first!

God Bless


2 comments on “Bread…not Caviar!

  1. Anne says:

    Starting from our own need… That really strikes home with me. When we serve others at difficult times in their lives, our own vulnerability makes a touching place where the Holy Spirit’s healing power works.


  2. Lorna Paterson says:

    Good to be back in your blogging recipients, Kenny. We thought you must have culled us from your list! Please don’t! Hope you haven’t been unwell. We’ve now moved to Alloway and are struggling to settle in. Love from Ian and me.


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