Beauty…is powerful…

At times over the last year or so, the bible has been a dry book to me; my prayers have been those of one who knows not how to pray; I would have been embarrassed if any of you could have heard their brevity and simplicity and feebleness. At such moments “beauty” has been a powerful peace-bringer through the Holy Spirit; a couple of days ago it was a tree in all its Autumnal glory that brought stillness and peace and a tangible sense of the nearness of God to me; not so far from “Consider the lillies,” I guess. I stopped short of speaking to the tree the way that Spurgeon used to speak to the flowers to find rest for his soul….. but then I’m not a Baptist, I am a Presbyterian, of sorts!

Remember, those of you who preach and who are called to pastor souls, or those of you who are seeking, perhaps right now, to help a friend or loved one, that what may seem reasonable advice or the most lenient of encouragements to spiritual activity or discipline, can seem like a huge demand to the hearer; way beyond reach, possibility or capability. Why not try the Jesus way; an invitation to consider something beautiful? His way works… so let’s let our words be few….

…and remember, laughter can be a powerful medicine too… skateboarding dogs and Kung-fu cats  on “Facebook” have blessed me more than many zealous Christian sites…more of that another time.

God Bless


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3 comments on “Beauty…is powerful…

  1. Ben Eikelboom says:

    Thank you Lord for sending me a kung-fu cat when I needed one. May the Lord bless you.


  2. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Sending you Love, Father’s unconditional Love and may He bring you healing in His Wings too Kenny !!!
    He used you to bring so much hope and love and healing to others, now it’s your turn and your time just to receive !!!


  3. kim ennis says:

    God is with you and you are His Kim.

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