“Lord, help me to be consistent…”

​Just wondering if those Christian leaders in the USA who could not vote for Clinton – and in my opinion rightly so –  will not only speak up for the voiceless in the womb, but the victims of gun crime who cant speak for themselves because they are dead. Will they speak with courage for a properly and fairly financed health scheme for the poor?

This is not a taunt, but we can all be so selective in how far and to whom we extend our principles, including me. I can believe in the worth of a child and pass by a smelly homeless man or woman in the Princes Street in Edinburgh without concern and often with a hint of judgmentalism trying to make itself heard from somewhere, a part of me where there are a lot of things I don’t like about me that as yet have to be brought fully into the light of Jesus. Defending the unborn – again, rightly so –  and glorying in a personal gun collection numbering over 500, to think of one Christian leader seems strange. If we value human life let’s make sure we are as consistent with that as we can be – not just in the USA but here in the UK too…. anyway, just thinking…. 

…and while I am at it, to go off at a bit of a tangent, I feel like I need a spiritual and moral bath after this last few days of world goings on. So much slime, filth and brutality, so many clothes of thought draped upon Jesus.. I am  longing to hear the tone of the Jesus I read about in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Oh yes, I know charismatic teachers are saying these days that now we can know not just that Jesus but the risen and glorified Jesus. They usually base it on an erroneous interpretation of Paul saying that he didn’t know Jesus after the flesh as once he did.  Usually such teaching is greeted with roars of approval and applause. But the glorified Jesus is the Jesus of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John…only more so. He has not changed in character, personality or tone. Thankfully, yet fearfully, He is wonderfully, perfectly consistent…”Lord Jesus, have mercy upon me and help me. ‘LORD SPEAK TO ME THAT I MAY SPEAK, IN LIVING ECHOES OF THY TONE…'”…” I haven’t got as much energy as once I had, due to health issues,  but if a leader, a book, a teacher, a conference, church or movement doesn’t have the smell, the sound, the fragrance and the tone of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, well, my limited energy can’t survive or thrive in that air. I am longing for the fragrance of Jesus…. tone, not just truth matters…

God bless


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