Are there apostles around today?

I put this on Facebook and I am blogging it here. It might annoy people but it might just save the growing interest in the “Apostolic” ministry from disaster.

“The essence of Apostolic leadership? Not strategy or seeking influence…just leaders in washing feet….time to get back to Jesus example for our definitions I think…”

Time to take off the worldly clothes of our own making that we have draped upon this word.

God Bless


5 comments on “Are there apostles around today?

  1. Ian White says:

    I hope we can all pay heed to your wise words.


  2. Elliot Morrison says:

    Spot-on analysis. Jesus was a servant leader. Scotland’s ‘apostolic’ leaders are anything but! Lacking accountability, and leading for their own material benefit and ego, these people need to repent and quickly!!!


  3. Ollie Clegg says:

    I have always been very thankful to have an encounter with God early on in my Christian life where God asked me, “what kind of leader do you want to be?” I knew from the life of Jesus and His teaching at that point, that the only kind of leader He wants are servant leaders. This I have tried to live out.

    I am also very grateful to Jesus that He showed me that the most important thing to Him was His relationship with the Father. Jesus lived from a place of the Father’s acceptance and love. Where He was able to hear His Father’s voice, and be about His Father’s business. Surely apostolic means both serving those before us, and listening for our Father’s voice so we can be about His business in this world, just as Jesus was, bringing heaven to earth in every situation. If we lack either one surely we will be failing in giving the people of this world an encounter they desperately need?

    I am very grateful to those leaders in the church today who are living in this way. Thank you.


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