The Grand Nationals 2016…

We’re annoyed at the form of “Democracy’s” feet,
From the starting box “Anger” has come  pounding out,
In corridors of power or out on the streets
“Shout” strains with “Whisper” to beat “Blasted Result.”

“New Saviour and Hope” tells what we need,
“Evangelist”, mane shaking, has started to neigh
at those who won’t yield and give up their creed,
” Just admit it, this is why you voted this way…”

“Marriage” or “Gender”, “Him and/or Her”
What meaning will win is anyone’s call;
Will “Person of Person” beat “Son of the Father”
“Redefined Word” make  nobodies of all?

With unwavering pace, runs “Sown and Reaped”
So  Cannabis from Budgie seed  at times can spring;
Of what freedoms do mind altered winged birds dream;
Do they crawl like slugs or dine with kings?

The sweat of the race flies round like dung falling,
Landing on territory so fought for and won,
Usonlya” is the name of the strong plant that’s thriving,
“All Count” just in front from “Heil to the One.”