A lament: to the tune of “Hope.”

Can healing be rescued from inflated claims and exaggeration? Can Prophesy be rescued from meaningless generalities? Can being slain in the Spirit be rescued from being dependent on pushing? Can…oh well, I will leave it there for tonight…Friends don’t worry for me. I am still a charismatic by belief, conviction and experience. I am not spiritually depressed, but am sick of charismaticism. I still believe in Revival but not revivalism. I would rather do without that and wait upon God even as I do what I can as at this point in my journey with God. The good thing is, it is making me pray…Longing as much as ever I have for the real… for me as much as anyone, for all God’s people whatever the label, for Scotland. I want to beleive for Isaac rather than settling for Ishmael….

God bless


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  1. rosey896 says:

    You have no idea how helpful this post is to me Kenny – I thought it was just me turning into a grumpy old woman when I get irritated with the things you are referring to. I am always quoting the words of Duncan Campbell to folk (probably annoying them as much as I’ve been annoyed!), I’m sure you are already familiar with them but here they are anyway!

    “There are two things that I would like to say in speaking about the revival in the Hebrides. First, I would like to make it perfectly clear that I did not bring revival to the Hebrides. It has grieved me beyond words to hear people talk and write about “the man who brought revival to the Hebrides.” My dear people, I didn’t do that. Revival was there before I ever set foot on the island. It began in a gracious awareness of God sweeping through the parish of Barvas.

    Then I would like to make it perfectly clear what I understand of revival. When I speak of revival, I am not thinking of high-pressure evangelism. I am not thinking of crusades, or of special efforts convened and organized by man. That is not in my mind at all. Revival is something altogether different from evangelism on its highest level. Revival is a moving of God in the community, and suddenly the community becomes God-conscious, before a word is said by any man representing any special effort.”

    I hope you are enjoying better health. God Bless

    Rosemary Lincoln


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