No need to exaggerate the God of the bible…

​A lot of you liked a post I put on here saying spiritual exaggeration is lying. If you don’t know me you might get hold of the wrong end of the stick. I believe God is who He has always been and does what He has always been doing. I know a man who was transported supernaturally from one place to another a couple of times, who has seen a few deliverances and healings, who has known seasons when God came down, who has known other biblical experiences of the one holy, true and living God.. if I wrote about that man’s experiences I would not be lying or exaggerating..but as for me I will only boast of my weakness….

God bless


3 comments on “No need to exaggerate the God of the bible…

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    Boast of our God in your life.
    Not because of this or that but for reason
    Of His presence and Holy Order.
    For the sun rises and falls upon us all
    We give thanks for His presence when we are cold and abandoned by the world Boast for He lives in you.
    We magnify His name not for the great works we see or for what He has done or yet to do but because He is with us in us and surrounds us.Now.
    When we call out in despair and we are taken to the darkest places , when we are afraid , angry, when we seek answers in this darkness it is He that provides the light .
    If I question where is God He provides
    my comfort.
    If I do not find Him If I do not see Him
    If I cannot hear Him .He is still There.
    Boast in Him and set a fire going.


  2. yakk says:

    I have a cheeky wee smile on my face as I read this post! I have taken to looking for lastest blog post before heading over to the church just in case I miss some much needed nugget of wisdom that humbles me more often than not as the Lord speaks. No need to exaggerate a God who is infinite! Drew


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