For you?

OK…very short blog.

I think the Holy Spirit is saying to some who read this blog, “I can give you the courage today to say, ‘I was wrong,’ .”

I guess I would have thought that “humility’ rather than courage is what is needed to admit we are in the wrong, but that was not what seemed to come to me today, rather there was this promise of courage. Perhaps there are some who are reading this who tremble at the idea of saying, “I was wrong.”  For one or more of a thousand possible reasons, some of them associated with deep memories and emotions, the tbought of saying  “I was wrong,” makes you feel terribly vulnerable and exposed. Well, in God, that is not only a safe place to be but a  blessed place  and a place of healing as well. If this is a word for you, I believe that God is promising fresh ripples of spreading joy to you as you take this step.

That’s  it for now…

God Bless


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