Iron fist, velvet glove…sometimes we need that punch….

You will know by now my admiration for Henri Nouwen’s writings. Today, I read one of his letters to a friend. The friendship was obviously very real and deep, strong enough for these words to be said:

“Is it possible to be more Christ centred in your thinking?”

Talk about an iron fist in a velvet glove?!

It is good to know our own story, but not to get so articulate about that at the expense of speaking to ourselves and others of Christ. His story is what matters most. God rescue us from not facing up to things about ourselves, but God rescue us too from narcicissm and self-obsession.

God Bless


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2 comments on “Iron fist, velvet glove…sometimes we need that punch….

  1. Super true:)

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  2. Kim Ennis says:

    Could we be more Christ centred in our thinking….
    Or Just more Christ centred?
    Holy Spirit be welcomed.


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