More than an echo

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Is our faith based on our favourite speakers, authors etc or on “for the bible tells me so”? Quite often people quote me in my hearing! I apreciate the appreciation, but at times I will have preached utter nonsense, or as one of my church members in Orkney encouragingly said at the door on one occasion, “utter madness.” At times it will be untrustworthy chirping, chaff compared with the wheat of God’s written Word, though hopefully most of the time it was nourishing. I read a verse in Psalm 119 that talks about staying awake in the night to think of God’s laws (and no, I’ll not tell you the verse number; look for it yourself if you want to! The search will be profitable). Sounds good to me. As a preacher, I think I always looked for a response that was something more than an echo of my own voice. How vain that we are fascinated by the echo of our voice so much so that we can miss the sound of a mightier river or wind than any of us have encountered (a thought sparked off by one of Wordsworth’s poems that I read lying in the bath this morning).

God bless


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  1. sarah finegan says:

    It reminds me of one of john Wesley’s books where he was encouraging people not to quote his sermons but to ” be a voice not an echo”. I have always appreciated that wisdom.


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