What do we do with light?

There are so many good signs of the Spirit being at work in Scotland and throughout  the UK. There are many bright spots full of the vibrant life of the Spirit of God. There are those who have caught sight of a vision and have invested everything in it, perhpas having to go through the valley of the shadow of death with their vision before it rose again after the paying of a price… yet despite all thes signs of fresh life, Revival still tarries…why?

Perhaps there are many answers to that question. Of course we believe our anwer is more the real reason above all the other reasons people suggest. So, just one more question. How fully are you or I living according to the light we believe we have received on this matter or any other matter? If we believe that more prayer is needed, am I praying? If we believe new expressions of church are needed, am I actively part of that movement or just a critic of what has been, paying no cost? If we believe more love is the answer, more creative approaches to worship or witness, more true holiness, repentance etc.etc.etc…

I have been humbled over the years by meeting those who are living much more fully according to the light they have received than I do to the light I have received. I have a feeling that humbling will continue…..

God bless