It isn’t fair… just get over it!

I have been mulling over these words from Psalm 5:

“Surely, LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favour as with a shield.”

If we are believers in Christ, we are righteous through the blood of Christ shed for us, Hallelujah! The Holy Spirit is also working within us to make us righteous not only in status before God but in actual fact in our day to day living, more and more. How comfortable are you with the idea that God surrounds you with His favour? Perhaps you feel, “That doesn’t seem fair. It gives the people of God a benefit, an advantage.” Well, it looks sort of like it. “Favour ain’t fair” said T.D. Jakes. We will just need to get over it.

I think I often stop short in my prayers or in my expectation of God moving in my life for my good, or through my life to bless others and further His Kingdom purposes because I have not fully got hold of this idea of favour. I am feeling my way towards what it might mean if I believed in favour, truly. I am not sure I really know what it means  exactly,  but I felt I wanted to pray that those of you who read this blog will know what the favour of God is, by experience. I think I have to pray that we will experience doors opening for us that we did not push to open, while others push and these doors do not open. Others may look on and cry out in bitterness,  “favouritism.” We need to learn to call it “favour.” Remember though that Jesus was the one upon whom God’s favour rested above all. Sometimes being “favoured'” will not seem like that is what is happening at all!  Doors may open that we would not choose to  go through, save knowing it is the will of God that we do so.

God bless you with His favour,


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One comment on “It isn’t fair… just get over it!

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    I am reminded of when my son wrote out a Christmas card to all his teachers
    Each one started with To my favourite teacher.
    He had not the ability to be in sincere ( Autism)but the ability to value each.
    I beleive God favours not only His children but is favour to all.As you say whether it appears favourable or to our liking.
    I receive favour when I acknowledge Him. I am blessed because of His favour to me .
    That I have a glimpse of an eternal hope.

    This is no lucky dip where I reach in and see what surprise l get
    It is just being favoured by His being there.
    I not sure if this is the favour of extra special treatment but His grace and favour that makes His relationship with me unique. That is favour to me.


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