This and That…

I find “this is that which was spoken” in the story of the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 one of the most thrilling statements in the whole bible.

Some moving forward moments in my life have come from asking,  “How did that become this? Is this that which was spoken of?”

Sometimes I have asked the “This/That” question that in the midst of meetings that everyone else seems to think are wonderful. Sometimes  that questioning has crept up on me in the midst of meetings, conferences etc. that I  felt very happy and at home  in myself: meetings in which the preaching has been wonderful and biblical (not just a motivational/humorous/polished/purposefully cool and casual  talk with little reference to the bible or to the priorities of Jesus in the gospels), the worship evidently carrying the blessing of God, where genuine gifts of The  Holy Spirit  are flowing freely in ministry time.

Have I let go of  “This is that” places I have touched in the past? Why? Have you?

“O Lord, save us from this, give us that!” sums up many of my prayers over the years.

“This is that” moments have been the most wonder-filled, awe-filled, fearful, joy-filled, tear-inducing and laughter producing moments of my life. They are precious.

May there be more “this is that” moments and seasons for you, for me, for Scotland and beyond.

God bless


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4 comments on “This and That…

  1. Alan says:

    Struggling to fully comprehend the experience you are describing. Maybe it’s just me?


    • revkennyblog says:

      Alan, I really just mean the moments when we could be reading a story out of the bible because the same things we read of there are happening in that present moment in the here and now, the same God doing what He did then, presencing himself in a way that is beyond the best of meetings, in the astonishing ways in which He presenced Himself among His people in bible days and at various times throuhgou church history. I guess I am talking ina way about revival which I perosnally have only touched the very fringes of very occasionally indeed, though I have been in many wonderful meetings. I tm talking about times when God moves in extraoridnary ppwer and a whole gathering becomes satruated with God, indeed a whole community, beleiver and non beleiver alike.


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