Learn from my mistakes.

It is good to learn from one another’s mistakes. I have made many so I guess a better title would be “Learn from my mistakes – 1.”

For some reason today I am thinking of 2 occasions when I  ignored impressions  concerning other people. In one instance for 3 days in a row the Lord seemed to say to me to knock on the door of a particular house within the parish where I was ministering at that point in time. I had no idea who lived there and reasoned with God that I could not just knock on the door of someone I didn’t know, so I never did. The next day the man who lived there committed suicide. Did others ignore nudges from God about this man, or was I the only one? I have no idea.

The second instance:  I found a person’s name coming to mind.  I had never met him and knew nothing about him. I Googled  his name and found out a bit about his life.  After that, I just put the matter out of my mind and never thought any more about it all. I never prayed. As in the first story I have shared, this poor man took his own life.

Well, all I know is I felt a nudge to write this blog.

God Bless


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One comment on “Learn from my mistakes.

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    A dear friend in Japan was impressed by Father God to go and visit and encourage and share His Love with someone many years ago.
    She duly went in order to give encouragement but when she got there, the person was, or appeared to be, so cheerful and upbeat already, and so my friend didn’t share the message God had given her to share but simply enjoyed a cup of tea with her.
    That night the apparently cheerful and upbeat lady committed suicide.
    We really can’t judge by appearances for people can hide their pain with
    a smile.
    My hubby and I visited a friend who hadn’t been well and when she opened the door to us, grief hit me like a ten ton truck.
    She herself looked so happy and busied herself making cups of tea that I thought I was going bananas !!!
    It wasn’t till we got up to go that the tears came.
    So not only can we not judge by appearances but also we shouldn’t doubt what Father God gives us to share or gives us to feel.
    Praise God that He teaches us one day at a time, one step at a time !!


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