One of the most important lessons I have learned from anyone!

I have written a lot lately about Hugh Black. It seems from your private responses that he is a connection between myself and others who read this blog! Some of you have told me how he was instrumental in your experiencing the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for taking the time to do that.

Tonight, I am half remembering the details of a story he told during a sermon. He had just had his teeth out and felt he could not preach for that reason. However someone challenged him that he still could and even though, as he himself said, he had fewer teeth in his head than a hen, he went ahead and preached. He found out that you could indeed preach without teeth! God still moved and worked upon the gathering.

Would you have done that? Would I?  Mmmm….Sometimes you don’t have to look very far for clues as to why someone is greatly used by God. From this half remembered story, I am remembering one of Hugh Black’s great themes in his preaching: death to self.

I think it is probably impossible to be used to the glory of God if you are worried about what people “make of you.” Sooner or later if you want God to use you, worry about that has to go. So long as you are walking in the love and truth of Christ and in  love for Christ, well, what people make of what you look like or sound like, what people make of you on any level, need not be of undue concern.

We are so concerned about image these days, where appearance means so much. Churches have images they want to promote and cultivate as well. I remember meeting and speaking to a homeless alcoholic man who was told when he went to a church nearby where we were standing that he was not the sort of person that church was looking for and he would be better trying somewhere else! The only image we should be concerned about in our own lives or ministries or in whatever church we are part of,  is being remade in the image of our Creator, which is what Christ seeks to bring about in every life where He is resident.

So, I leave the theme of “death to self” with you to think about, as I have been thinking some more about it myself. Perhaps too it would be profitable to ponder this verse that I heard someone preach on not long ago:

“They were more concerned about what people thought of them than about what God thought of them.” (John 12:43; God’s Word translation)

God Bless


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One comment on “One of the most important lessons I have learned from anyone!

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    Today I went to the inquest into my mothers death.I did not really expect to hear a valid account from those responsible and in that respect I was not surprised. I tried my best but as I thought this David never brings the giant down . This time the NHS.for many years the NHS
    . I had taken photograph of mum my sister had taken a while before her death and placed it on the desk top.
    . After standing as the coroner entered l managed to somehow knock it over and it fell crashing to the floor.
    Breaking the silence.

    The dr who was there to give evidence (the giant)rushed forward and picked it up and carefully placed it back on the table.
    The inquest continued for many hours until my brain was fried . I could not listen any more and left dramatically during the conclusion.
    I waited outside until it was over.
    First out of the door was the dr . He approached me and said that he hoped that what he had said had helped.
    I said it hadnt He said that he was sorry that my mum had died I said l was glad she was dead.He went to leave and
    I then said that I just didn’t like the way she died He paused then he nodded in agreement.
    I hugged him.
    Death to self.
    There was a giant that fell today.
    I am not sure if it was my hopelessness
    I don’t think it was the NHS
    It could of been unhealthy ties
    But the first stone was slung when the picture was picked up by the dr.
    It flew through the air when he nodded in agreement.
    It fell to the ground when l needed to hug him.

    God did not bring the NHS he brought down me.What do l think of God
    He is kind .He lets me see my anger and then He shows me how vunerable others are .


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