Another one bites the dust….

So…Dr. Who the Conqueror of the Daleks loses all courage and joins the list of T.V. “dramas” that cower before the Politically Correct Brigade. The Doctor’s new assistant is openly gay. Can you believe it was Headline News tonight in the U.K., sharing the limelight with what Donald Tusk had to say? Of course the new series is being presented as being brave rather than boringly predictable. Joining the bandwagon late when it has already been rolling for a while takes no backbone. I guess it is only a matter of time before we have a politically correct remake of “Lassie” or “King Kong” or “The invisible Man.” “Spiderman” and “Superman” may be relegated to some deep vault as unsuitable material for public consumption. Not sure about “Popeye the Sailor Man.” “Swiss Family Robinson” will presumably have to go as well because of its doctrinaire version of family life.
A sad day for story writing and telling: a sad day for children that family programmes are now hijacked by an agenda. Not surprising, for Political Correctness worships itself and its own cause. It is irredeemably narcissistic. (Have you ever tried to challenge a narcissist? If you have tried, you will have met a rage second to none and may even have been on the receiving end of violence.) Political Correctness is a self appointed god and saviour which cares not one jot about asking questions about human well being. One day the agendas within the Kingdom of P.C. will clash and it will dissolve into civil war. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. Political Correctness inevitably paves the way for a new dictatorship of one hue or another.
“…watching while sanity dies,
touched by the madness and lies
Come, Lord Jesus, come, Lord Jesus,
Pour out Your Spirit we pray.
Come, Lord Jesus, come, Lord Jesus,
Pour out Your Spirit on us today.

God Bless


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  1. Jane Fraser says:

    I saw that Dr Who was having a gay assistant ? Sad days indeed and a long way from the original William Hartnell Dr Who, which my brother and I watched as kids.I was surprised but it’s another reflection of society in our country today. ‘ Come Lord Jesus, pour out your Spirit we pray ‘ we need more light in these days of darkness.


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