Time for “Repotting”…

We are of course to remain deeply rooted in Christ. Sometimes however that means being “repotted” to allow the roots to go deeper still. Inevitably that means disturbing rootedness taking care to avoid damaging the roots.

There are some bible verses that disturb me. There are some things Jesus said that I sometimes wish He had not. I can remain stunted or I can be repotted and continue to grow. Let’s not panic when we read bible verses that at first reading or even after several readings seem to cause a shaking of the roots. If it is the clear straightforward meaning of a bible verse that is the cause of the disturbance, rest assured it’s  The Gardener at work recognising we are growing. That is of course a very different thing from sensing the grieving of the Holy Spirit which one can feel when biblical truth is life-destroyingly distorted in the telling.

A bigger pot and a bigger Christ or a smaller more instantly palatable bible? I guess we need to choose. Am I going to be the gardener,  prune the Bible remain in a small pot, becoming root-bound rather than deeply rooted; or let the Father be the Gardener and allow His Word to prune me and set me free to grow in a bigger pot?

God bless